Learn French words with ST Android

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Update May 31, 2023
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Learn French words with ST Android

Introducing “Learn French words with ST” – an immersive language learning application that offers a dynamic and engaging approach to mastering French vocabulary. This innovative self-teaching game leverages visual and audio aids to foster accurate pronunciation and spelling skills. Guided by the intuitive “Smart-Teacher” feature, the app optimizes the learning journey, ensuring efficient and effective progress.

With this captivating and entertaining game, both you and your friends can embark on a language adventure, building your vocabulary from the ground up. A solid vocabulary serves as the cornerstone for strong oral and written language abilities. By dedicating time to daily self-training, you can witness tangible improvements in reading, speaking, listening, and overall language proficiency. The app goes the extra mile by providing word translations in over 40 languages, making it a truly versatile tool.

The learning process unfolds through several carefully designed stages:

1. Foundational Learning: Master the alphabet and key parts of speech – nouns, adjectives, and verbs – with the assistance of phonetic transcriptions presented through flashcards. The immersive experience is enhanced by the accompanying audio from native speakers.

2. Interactive Testing: Assess your word knowledge through enjoyable and straightforward tests:
– Choose the correct word corresponding to an image.
– Match dynamic moving images with the appropriate words.
– Practice writing words and benefit from integrated spell checks.

3. Grammar Proficiency: Delve into the grammar unit, exploring diverse rules and educational materials that encompass:
– Articles
– Pronouns
– Time expressions
– Prepositions of place
– Question words
– Comparative adjectives
– Tenses
– Verb conjugation
– Conjugation rules

4. Progress Assessment: Gauge your knowledge level with grammar tests designed to provide insight into your grasp of language structures.

This app goes beyond the ordinary to serve as a mobile tutor, guiding you through vocabulary and phonetics at the elementary level. Recognized as one of the top language learning tools, it accelerates foreign language acquisition. The practical “Smart Teacher” function acts as your virtual guide, indicating the next lesson and aiding in the swift memorization of new words.

The application boasts an extensive range of topics, covering:

– Colors
– Human body parts
– Domestic animals
– Wild animals
– Animal body parts
– Birds
– Insects
– Sea life
– Nature
– Natural phenomena
– Fruits
– Vegetables
– Food
– Kitchenware
– Home
– Home interior
– Bathroom
– Home appliances
– Tools
– Office
– School supplies
– School-related terms
– Numbers
– Geometric shapes
– Musical instruments
– Shop-related vocabulary
– Clothing, footwear, and accessories
– Toys
– Infrastructure
– Transportation
– Travel-related terms
– Entertainment
– Information technology
– Human-related terms
– Societal concepts
– Professions
– Sports (both summer and winter)
– Prepositions
– Verbs

In essence, this application serves as a practical illustrated dictionary, complete with interactive exercises tailored for French language beginners. Notably, it also offers a French-English phrasebook, enriched with transcriptions, covering phrases, expressions, adjectives, and specific themes like months and family.

Remarkably versatile, this interactive self-learning app is compatible with various devices, including phones, tablets, and smart TVs – even those lacking touchscreens. The app can be effortlessly navigated using either a keypad or a d-pad, ensuring accessibility across a wide array of platforms.

4.6/5 - (14 votes)


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